Spinach smoothie weight loss challenge

Written by , Published: , Updated: October 02, 2015

Difficulty: 4/5

Duration: 5 days

Weight lost: 9.2 pounds (4.2 kilograms)

Advantages: feeling of satiation, dental health benefits

Disadvantages: monotonous, bland taste

My spinach smoothie weight loss experiment is one of my extreme weight loss challenges.

The amazing benefits of spinach for weight loss

You'll see just how effective spinach smoothies can be for weight loss. Even if the quantities are taken to extremes, the weight loss benefits will still be pretty obvious even during a short time period.

My diet for the next five days will consist of three spinach smoothies a day. But these will not be your regular spinach smoothies, since I plan on ingesting extreme (at least for most people) quantities of spinach. Each smoothie will have a volume of a bit over 2 quarts (2 liters), which means I will eat about 5.9 pounds (2.7 kilograms) of spinach every day.

How will this weird spinach smoothie diet help me lose weight?

The quantity of the smoothies is probably much larger than most people would even be able to eat in a single sitting. But for anyone trying to lose weight, this is actually great news, since diets are not usually known to prescribe impossible amounts of food. Huge volumes of food will take good care of your satiation, which means you will only have to deal with the psychological aspect (cravings for some tastier foods) and not the physical aspect (the feeling of an empty stomach).

Even with such huge quantities I will be getting in less than 900 calories from my spinach smoothie diet (mostly from proteins, only a small amount of them coming from carbohydrates and fats). I will also try to exercise as much as I can, doing only low intensity activities to maximize the fat burn. Overall I believe I will be netting below 500 calories, which means I will create a daily deficit of about 2000 calories. Body fat loss should be quite rapid in this case.

Oh, and besides helping me lose weight, my teeth will also benefit from the smoothies. Eating spinach smoothies almost exclusively means I won't be ingesting any sugary or acidic foods while still manage to keep up with my body's mineral requirements.

The spinach smoothie recipe

Here's how I make my smoothies. First I take two packs of frozen spinach from the fridge.

frozen spinach

After letting the spinach thaw for a little while, I put it in a blender and I fill it with warm water all the way to the top.

frozen spinach jar

I blend everything really fine, so it is easier to drink down.

blended spinach jar

The weight loss results

Because it is best to take the measurements at the same time every day, I weighed myself each morning, right before my first spinach smoothie. And for a relatively short period of time (5 days) the results are pretty outstanding in my opinion.

DayWeight lbs/kg
0*199.5 / 90.5
1195.8 / 88.8
2195.3 / 88.6
3191.5 / 86.9
4191.1 / 86.7
5190.3 / 86.3

* initial weight


While my spinach smoothie experiment is probably too extreme for most people, you can still benefit from the concept behind it.

The main takeaway is that you can keep your calorie intake pretty low in spite of eating enormous quantities of food.

If you're thinking that you could never eat as much spinach as me, this is actually great news for you. This only means that you will be able to feel the same level of satiation with even less food, meaning your calorie intake will be even lower and your weight loss results even better. This spinach smoothie diet would also be much easier to do if variety and/or taste were improved. There are plenty of better tasting low-calorie foods you could be adding to your spinach smoothies (like most fruits for example). This would help improve the taste and variety without adding too many calories to your diet.

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