Sanela Zukanovic is an AFP Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and an AFP Certified Nutrition Consultant (CNC). She is a gym owner for mostly female clients who also offers online trainings via her website Yousportas.

Licences and Certifications

Sanela Zukanovic received her personal trainer and nutrition consultant certifications from the AFP (Association of Personal Trainers), a respected and recognized certification authority for fitness and nutrition professionals across Europe.

AFP Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

The fact that Sanela acquired the AFP Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certificate, proves she is fully qualified to provide and review content for Leanhigh, based on her knowledge and experience in the areas of fitness, training and exercise.

Credentials verification: AFP Registry

Certificate ID: 224962-5281


AFP Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Certificate for Sanela Zukanovic

AFP Certified Nutrition Consultant (CNC)

The AFP Certified Nutrition Consultant (CNC) certificate proves that Sanela has the necessary expertise to nutritionally review the content at Leanhigh.

Credentials verification: AFP Registry

Certificate ID: 11335931


AFP Certified Nutrition Consultant (CNC) Certificate for Sanela Zukanovic