Hey, I'm glad you're interested in finding out a little more about the Leanhigh website.

I started Leanhigh as one of the rare few independent research websites in one of the spammiest, scammiest and dishonest industries on the planet, the weight loss industry.

I always took pride in the fact that none of the actionable and research-based content published on Leanhigh will ever be "sponsored" by greedy and profit-hungry corporations.

(Or ANYONE else for that matter.)

You see, with thousands of so-called weight loss experts, who keep recommending expensive "solutions" to their unsuspecting clients...

...the unpleasant truth is that most of the stuff on the market today does little to nothing to help people who struggle to get rid of that ugly belly fat.

Unfortunately, for truly independent websites like Leanhigh, this also means that it can be pretty tough to beat the dishonest competition to the punch.

(That's even with tons of science-backed facts in my corner.)

So, how did Leanhigh not only survive, but actually thrive in this industry?

How did I do it WITHOUT selling some ridiculously overpriced weight loss product that has been proven time and again NOT to work for 99% of people?

I believe Leanhigh became a widely popular website only because we have spent thousands of hours going thorough piles of ORIGINAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH on how our bodies actually melt away that stubborn belly fat.

I kept translating that complicated fat burning science into highly actionable weight loss tips...

And I kept sharing them, totally free of charge, on Leanhigh.

Here's how popular Leanhigh has become because of our research over the last couple of years:

About Leanhigh - website traffic.

If it wasn't for the fact, that I only focused on highly actionable, insanely useful and life-changing scientific research, then my work would never have been read by millions of people from all over the world.

And because I remain true to providing nothing but honest, and deeply valuable advice to people who are SICK of fake promises of easy weight loss...

...is probably why my work has been happily accepted at huge online media powerhouses like Elite Daily or Lifehack (I wrote those articles under a pen name).

That pretty much sums it up for Leanhigh.

So take a look around the Leanhigh website or contact me with any questions.