Oolong Tea And Weight Loss: A Science Based Guide

Written by , Last updated: September 1, 2016

Hey, and welcome to my science based guide that's going to explain all about whether or not oolong tea and weight loss actually do go hand in hand.

Oolong tea is just one of the many different forms of tea (green tea, white tea, black tea, etc.) that are all made from the same plant.

Oolong Tea And Weight Loss: A Science Based Guide

The only difference between those teas is how deeply fermented they are.

Besides some other health benefits, oolong tea can supposedly help you lose weight.

In this article, I'll take a look at what science has to say about drinking oolong tea for weight loss.

How can oolong tea help you lose weight?

The first weapon oolong tea brings to the weight loss battle is caffeine. I have already written about how caffeine can boost your weight loss results by increasing your calorie burn rate and by speeding up the release of calories from your body fat stores.

But, you need to be careful with caffeine because it can cause some side effects. Plus, even though caffeine does speed up the release of calories from your body fat reserves, you have to actually burn off those released calories (or they will simply return to your body fat stores).

According to a study, some other substances in oolong tea (polyphenols) also boost your calorie burn rate.

In that study, polyphenols worked together with caffeine to increase the amount of calories burned by 10% (during the two hours after drinking oolong tea).

Oolong tea blocks the absorption of fat-calories

There is a third way in which oolong tea can help you lose weight.

Besides firing up our metabolism, oolong tea also prevents the absorption of fat-calories. This study looked at two groups of people who both ate a high-fat diet.

One group of people drank oolong tea with their high-fat meals, while the other group didn't.

The group that drank oolong tea ended up absorbing less fats and cholesterol from their meals than the group who didn't drink the tea.

In other words, if you mix fat-calories with oolong tea, some of them will simply pass through your body (instead of ending up in your body fat stores).

Oolong tea weight loss results

This study has shown oolong tea can increase our energy expenditure by a little over 3%, which translates into around 70 calories per day. On top of that, you'll also burn away 12% more calories from your body fat reserves.

Put together, this has been proven to cause a loss of over 2 pounds (1 kilogram) of weight over 6 weeks.

In another oolong tea weight loss study, over 60% of people lost more than 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram). The rest of them lost more than 6.6 pounds (3 kilograms) over 6 weeks. Plus, they significantly reduced their body fat, blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

While oolong tea definitely isn't a magic weight loss "pill", the oolong tea weight loss results definitely aren't something to be frowned upon (especially since they are one of the easiest wins out there).

I have done a lot of research on weight loss supplements and believe me when I say that most of them never even come close to being as effective.


Like I said, it is pretty rare to come across a weight loss supplement who has actually been proven to work by modern science. Oolong tea also seems to be quite effective (that is, unless you are expecting an overnight weight loss miracle).

The only currently known downside is its caffeine content, so you need to be careful about the dosage and potential side-effects.

Other than that, oolong tea seems to actually be one of the few effective weight loss supplements.

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